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Subject: cars all over da place

Posted by: da wife of Sandy

Fri Aug 31 21:12:32 BST 2018

Jerry, there's a el camino in the drive, and the engine, tires, etc. awaiting reassembly--I know you are up to it, and we can provide free housing while you work (check with Ingrid)....and cats for the down time.....

Subject: Outraged!!

Posted by: Imightbeyourdaughter

Thu Aug 30 02:33:20 BST 2018

This is your first troll....i just think we shouldn't be taking so lightly such a serious subject matter. This is without ANY doubt the number one problem in society. I hope the moderator approves this comment because I'm very passionate about Mustang Rights and this cannot be undermined by an attractive and nicely designed website.

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