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   Sequencing made easy

Welcome to Electra Ink Studio

We have a few Sequences for Xlights. I'm working on more and will post them as soon as they are done.

  all audio files you will need to get your self, Amazon is a good place to download the audio files, I will try to post the link for the audio file.

 some audio files have been included because they were modified, and you will not be able to fine them.


Sequencing can be very time consuming, so I will only offer sequences that I have made.


 All shaders. and video effects, and images have also be included.


If you have any questions, Please use the Contact Us form at the bottom of every page.

Proper Importing

When importing sequences from this site please pay special attention to the sub models, as I use them a lot. try loading my layout to see where ever effect was placed, and look at the sub models in the Layout Tab. Then you will be better able to import all the effects I used.


I have locked any videos that are use in the sequence so they line up with the music.


You can check out the Sequencing Tab for more info.


In the Tools Tab you will find where to get Pixels, Props, and Controllers, so be sure to check it out.

Light-O-Rama Tab

I have some Light-O-Rama Controllers that I have bought, that Do now need, most of them are new, and have never been used.


Go to the Light-O-Rama Tab to see what I have for sale, they all have FREE shipping.


I bought Light-O-Rama 4 year ago, and used it for AC Lights.


 Last year I wanted to start using Pixels, so I bought the Pixie controllers. After playing with the software, I had upgraded to version 5. But just wasn't happy with the way they handled sequenced the effects. That's when I found xLights, and have been using it ever since. My License allowed me to upgrade to the new version 6. I see they have copied some of xLights.