The Bread Bakery Blog

Bread baking is a well documented process that does not need, nor would it benefit from, any contribution I might make to what has already been written, mostly by people far more knowledgeable of and experienced with the art and craft of making bread than I am.

Therefore, this blog will not attempt to describe how to bake bread.

It will be about how I bake bread, loaf by individual loaf.

It's main purpose will be expressed through the Test Kitchen, a repository of recipes tried and results obtained, plus assorted resources used in the process:

Any generalized discussions about the bread baking process will be incidental to the main objective: to make a record of what worked, what didn't work, what I think needs changing, and what happens when I make those changes.

That said, a brief description — the foundation — of where and when I started on the quest to learn something of the art of bread baking, and how I got to the point of creating The Bread Bakery Blog, can be found here.

A brief description of my current (and emerging) process can be found here.

The actual recipes are detailed under the Test Kitchen heading.

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